​If you ride a motorcycle or scooter, then tyre pressure gauge is a must-buy car accessory online for your bike. If you have recently purchased a new motorcycle and even if it is from a trusted brand, please invest in a tyre pressure gauge. It is very important that your tyres are at the right pressure for both fuel economy and safety. Make sure that you buy a reliable product because even if it comes cheap, don’t go for it without checking reviews online first on the leading e-commerce websites. Even though most of us don’t bother much about tyre pressure, which is why we save money on a pump and carry it in the bike itself. However, we still end up losing our bikes because of under-inflated tyres.

Things to consider when buying a tyre Gauge for Your Bike ​in India


The most important feature in any pressure measuring device is its accuracy. You must make sure that your tyre pressure gauge gives you accurate readings every time you use it. If it has an accuracy range then this range should be within 5% of the correct pressure.  If you are buying a digital tyre pressure gauge then the readout is most likely to be accurate but if you are using an analog or dial-type then it’s better to have them tested at your local bicycle shop before taking them home.

Speed and Ease of use:

To reap maximum benefits from your cycling activity, it is very important that you keep your bike tyres well-tuned. This can be difficult when you are not sure about the tyre pressure in your bike tires. There is no point checking the tyre’s air pressure every day when you can use a small and simple to operate gauge which will do all the calculations for you even in low light and poor weather conditions. It will give you accurate readings in a matter of seconds without disturbing the tire’s position and balance.


When it comes to convenience, digital pressure gauges are much better than analog designs. They give you precise pressure measurements as well as the maximum and minimum values so that you can monitor your bike tyre pressure better than before.

Additional features:

Some digital tyre gauges come with additional features like a backlight, built-in LED flashlight, easy to replace battery, etc. which make them even more user-friendly and convenient. But these are not must-have features so don’t go for it if you think they will add more hassle rather than convenience to your tyre pressure checking.


You must make sure that your tyre pressure gauge satisfies all of your requirements at a time or you should look for more than one model if it is only used to inflate your bicycle tires. If you want to use it on cars and trucks too then go for a product that offers accuracy and reliability, a backlit liquid crystal display along with dual side air bleeder valve/deflator for easy inflation of balls, etc. So you get the best of everything in a single device at a fair price.


If you choose a short length tyre pressure gauge then it is easy to store and carry but on the other hand, if it’s too short then you might have trouble checking the tyre pressure as you will end up bending over or crouching down to get a clear view of your bike tyres which can be very uncomfortable. Also, these types of gauges are not very accurate because they require being held so close to the valve stem that there is always zero error in reading. On the other hand, a long length gauge can give more accurate readings with ease but storing and carrying them is a problem especially when traveling by bicycle. So just measure your requirements and select one accordingly from those available in our list below.


You can buy a tyre pressure gauge from any reputed brand that makes all kinds of car exterior accessories and interior accessories such as Carorbis that is known for its quality and precise equipment. So you can choose any brand of tyre pressure gauge at Carorbis that is within your budget.


The best tire gauges should not cost you an arm and a leg but still, it is good to remember that more expensive doesn’t always mean better! This is especially true when we look at highly precise digital tyre pressure gauges which come with advanced features like backlighting, alarm system, etc. But if you want something simple then there are some basic models available at an economical price.

So now you know what to look for in the best tyre gauge for your bike. Make sure it is easy to use, gives accurate readings, etc.  Above all make sure you go through our above mentioned list carefully before making a buying decision because that will definitely help you choose one of the most preferred models available out there at present!​

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