When you want to improve the performance and handling of your car, there are many things you can do, such as looking at suspension lift kits or installing Nitrous Oxide. You can spend a fortune on your vehicle to improve its performance, but there are other things you can do without spending too much. Below are some of the available options when looking to improve your car’s handling and performance that you may want to consider trying.

Buy Quality Tyres

Before you start spending money in other places, you will want to ensure you use quality tyres on your vehicle that can handle the increase in performance. They can also make it more economical to drive and improve its handling in various weather conditions.

Ensure Your Brakes Are Up To The Job

You will also need to ensure that you have quality brakes on your car to handle going at faster speeds and that you can still stop quickly when needed. If your vehicle currently uses drum brakes, consider swapping them out for disk brakes which offer far superior performance and are less likely to lock up.

Upgrade Your Springs & Shocks

Investing money in your car’s springs and shock absorbers is another excellent way you can improve its handling and performance. Upgrading from the factory fitted suspension in your vehicle can significantly change how your car handles, especially when cornering. They will help push your tyres to the road and ensure you get as much grip as possible, making for a more comfortable drive.

Upgrade The Brains In Your Car

The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of your car is the brain, and it controls many aspects of the vehicle and its handling and performance. You can upgrade the ECU in your vehicle and have a specialist use computer and software to remap your engine, which will change its performance massively.

Upgrade Your Exhaust

You can also consider upgrading and installing a performance exhaust system for your car, which will help to increase its horsepower and top-end speed. Getting the exhaust gasses out of your engine as quickly as possible will mean you can get more fresh air into it, which helps boost the overall performance. There are many types of performance exhaust systems you can choose for your car, and they will make a significant difference when you are driving it.

These are a few of the things you can do to increase the performance and handling of your vehicle, and you can click here to get some more ideas to help you.

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