You must be already aware of how important your brake parts are for improving the performance of your car. One of the vital reasons behind the smooth functioning of a vehicle is the maintenance of the unrepaired parts of a car. Brake kits are essential for the overall performance as well as structural formations of any vehicle. 

Now, you must be knowing about brake pads and brake rotors, the reason you are reading this article is the importance and functionality of a brake caliper in a car. It is one of the most unrecognized parts of a brake kit or a brake system. However, it is very important. Here is a complete guide to brake calipers. 

How Does A Brake Caliper Work?

The main function of a caliper is to create friction by forcing the brake pads toward the rotors to slow down the car’s wheels. When you push a brake pedal, the caliper fits like a clamp on each side of the wheel’s rotor. One can find the brake pads in the caliper, and while you slow down your vehicle by pushing down the brake pedal, the brake fluids start putting tension on the piston inside the caliper. As a result, it compels the pads against the rotor to slow down or stop the vehicle. 

Types of Calipers

The two main types of calipers in a brake system are fixed calipers and floating calipers. Floating calipers can move in and out of a rotor with relatedness. They usually include one or two pistons on the inboard side of the rotor. When you strike the brakes, each of the pistons moves the caliper resulting in friction emerging from the brake pads located on each side of the rotor. Whereas fixed calipers are immovable. They have pistons positioned on the opposing side of the brake rotor. Fixed calipers are costlier than floating calipers and might have more pistons. When compared with floating calipers, fixed calipers offer better overall performance. 

Indication of a Faulty Brake Caliper

With time, even the most perfect brake parts can go faulty. The braking systems are used majorly in the functioning of a car and it radiates heat every time your car is slowed down. This results in the wearing down of calipers even when you are driving normally. One of the common signs to note as an indication are:

  • The car is pulled to one side while pressing the brake pedal
  • Brake fluid leakage around the wheels
  • Slow working of wheels demanding few pumps
  • A grinding and squeaking sound from the brakes 

Bottom Line 

Brake calipers are a part of the disc brake system reflected in the modern-day performance cars as a part of the front brakes. A disc brake system is usually present on the rear side of a car. A brake caliper is located where the pistons and brake pads are housed. Brake calipers efficiently operate alongside the brake pads, the brake rotors, and the leftover hydraulic system to stop your car when you apply the brakes. There are various other things you need to know about a caliper that is reflected in the article. 

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