Shipping your car to any other city or country can always be an overwhelming process in case you are not too familiar with how all these car transport business works. You need to know about the major difference between car shipping in open trailer as well as in enclosed trailer.

There may also be differences between various companies about enclosed auto transportation services. Usually, enclosed car shipping will be ideal if you are trying for classic car transport as an enclosed trailer service. Services offered by a well-known car shipping company called Ship a Car, Inc. will certainly offer your car enough protection but with hefty price tag too.

What is enclosed carrier?

Enclosed transport carrier will mean that your car will ride on a truck having only few other cars and will be totally protected from various adverse elements in completely enclosed trailer. You can compare it with flying in a first class while on an airplane travel.

Therefore, while transporting your car from one city or country to any other city or country, one of your biggest decisions will be to choose whether you want to use closed carrier or ship your car on open carrier.

No doubt, enclosed carriers will provide extra amount of protection, but they can always raise your shipping cost by as high as 60% more, as compared to open carriers. Often in many cases, even an open car carrier can do just as fine. So, when actually it will be really worth to ship your own car in enclosed carrier?

We think, following are few reasons when you should prefer for shipping your vehicle in an enclosed transport carrier:

  • If you are shipping a classic or antique car

Since car shipping services can transport your vehicle without putting any extra mileage, it is not unreasonable if you ship your antique car even for shorter distance for preserving its value.

There will also be less risk for damage and thus will not reduce the value of your car. Enclosed carriers will always provide few extra protections against scratches and dents.

  • If your car is newly purchased luxury car

Usually, such cars are always a target of thieves to steal certain expensive items or parts inside, hence by using enclosed carrier, and you need not worry about anyone handling your car, except those working for shipping service.

So, an enclosed carrier surely will offer you a peace of mind.

  • If you are shipping your car during extreme bad weathers.

During the summer months usually car shipping services always tend to be little more expensive, which can be about $200 – $300 more than usual. The basic reason during summer months usually is that extreme summer weather will be less of risk as compared to winter weather.

Often people do not hold off their moving or buying a car until weather gets warm. So, if you are aware that there can always be bad weather while shipping, then sending your car within an enclosed carrier can surely ease your worry, whether you are buying or even selling your car.

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