Often you may find the tire is flat and wonder whether you should replace the tire to get it repaired. Sometimes, the condition of tire is in such a state that repairing it is not possible at all.

So, in this article we shall discuss when you must replace the tire and when should you get it repaired from Telluride Tire & Auto.

Following are few conditions when it is better to get it repaired instead of spending your money while buying a new tire.

  • In case your tire gets suddenly punctured by any sharp object like nail then it can certainly be repaired by a tire repair shop. However, make sure that the hole diameter of puncture created by the nail must be less than ¼”.
  • If the puncture has taken place on the shoulder or sidewall of your tire then perhaps it will be difficult to get it repaired properly. In that case, you must rather think of replacing the tire.

  • In case of multiple puncture, you can surely repair the tire but make sure that the puncture locations are at least within 16” apart. If the locations are too close then you cannot take the risk of repairing.
  • If you have met a major accident where the tire is damaged seriously and the cuts are too wide then too repairing will be very difficult. In such case you need to replace the tire.

However, under certain conditions, you may prefer to do temporary repair so that you can take the car to a safe place and then consider tire replacement.

Under certain special conditions, it may be difficult to decide whether to go for repair or replacement of tire. In such situation, following action will be suggested.

  • Understand how much damage has taken place

Check if major damage of tire has taken place on the side walls then it must be replaced. If steel belt inside your tire is found to be cut then the tire must be changed.

  • Get it inspected by any professional

In case, it is difficult for you to decide the extent of damage that has taken place in the tire then it is better to consult an expert who can inspect and advice you accordingly.

  • Get it thoroughly repaired

If you think that your tire is repairable then gets it thoroughly repaired by any professional repair person. Also get it thoroughly checked after the repair.

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