There are many ways to end up with an old car in your garage. Perhaps you bought it intending to fix it, but things did not end up as planned. Maybe you inherited it from a late relative, or it was an old family car that barely works anymore. Old cars are not free to own. They can be costly to maintain with a declining efficiency over time. If you’ve made up your mind that this vehicle is better off somewhere else, know that there are many ways to earn from it.


If your vehicle is still in acceptable working condition, you can resell it to interested buyers online or through your network of friends. To increase the selling value of your car, making sure it looks close to brand new is ideal. There may be a need for a paint job, leather upholstery, new window motors, signal lights fixing, and horn testing. Well-maintained air-conditioning, exteriors, and the engine are also crucial to reselling the car at a pro-seller price. Although reselling is a great option to turn your old car into cash, there can be significant limitations here. The amount of upkeep costs money and time.

Selling to a car dealer

Car dealers cater to car owners who want fast sales, potentially to fulfill a financial obligation or to simply get rid of a junk car. A junk car is any vehicle that is damaged and barely operable. These types of vehicles are usually uninteresting to buyers because of the upkeep costs and frequency of maintenance. In general, car dealers buy cars in good condition, improve them, and then sell them at a profitable amount. In the case of junk vehicles, if they cannot be restored, they can be sold for parts.

Depending on your car’s condition, you can end up selling it at a modest price or at a value that’s even higher than its current worth. It is essential to check out different offers on the market. Fortunately, many junk car dealers have reliable websites you can get a quote from. They will also come to collect your car, which is very convenient. Remember to prepare the documents relevant to the sale, remove your license plates, and cancel your car insurance before the sale.


Donating your car to charity does not earn you money, but it can result in significant tax savings. Planning is vital if you’re aiming for significant tax reductions. Your deductions can be calculated depending on how the charity uses your donation. If the charity sells your car, your deduction is limited to the sales price. Otherwise, you can use your car’s fair market value.

It is never easy to dispose of an old automobile. Older cars are especially tricky to get rid of. If you’re not careful, you can lose money while waiting for a good deal and lose a lot of time if it never comes. It is essential to assess your car’s condition and market value. These will determine which method will bring you the best bid for your vehicle.


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